Friday, July 20, 2007


Made it to Leeds. 24 hours late. I'm sure if I put the effort in and showed my usual level of commitment I could be even later. I'm staring out of the office window - there's nobody else here save for the odd cleaner passing through - and it's pissing it down. I have my final cup of tea of the day in one hand as I type with the other (ha, multi-tasking!). The fourth tea of the day, I believe. My eyes are red and sore and have been aimed at the monitor for far too long, while my mouse hand feels like it's suffering from RSI. I've just realised that I forgot to charge my mp3 player up and it may not last the journey home. My book definitely won't - just 20 pages to The End. Aye, it's raining. And I'll be walking out there soon.
I wasn't surprised to hear that half of the cabinet have smoked cannabis. Look at the way these people behave - they sure ain't consuming performance enhancing substances, are they?
In other news designed to help me forget that I'm feeling outrageously ill and disagreeably depressed, It's My Party, the short film I wrote, has, just for starters, been entered into the BFI London Film Festival, Bradford's very own fruity film fest Bite The Mango, Leicester Short Film Festival and Leeds Film Festival. Ooh, the glamour!

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