Saturday, October 06, 2007

The bear truth...

Friend phones me to arrange a meeting while I'm out on the lifeboat. I phoned back and left a message: "I know it sounds like some crazy Billy Liar style fantasy but I couldn't pick the phone up when you called because I was on a lifeboat not far from the North Sea." Quite possibly the only time in my life that I'll ever say that.

Walked through Hull's fancy new transport interchange. A strange young man was battering seven bells of shit out of a public telephone as two security guards watched him and then turned their backs. "You're doing a great job there, gents, ignoring someone who is deliberately damaging a piece of equipment right before your eyes. Are you going to stop him?" "Have you got a bus to catch? Go on, get on it," was the rather disappointing response from this chocolate fireguard pair of uniformed imbeciles.

Hull's retail renaissance is certainly picking up pace. Not only the st but, brace yourselves, a brand spanking new mega-sized Home Bargains in the city centre. Quality, as the youth say.
And now this, a new store for Goodmawe Bears. Which is, surely, worthy of as much publicity as the local meeja can throw at it and, I expect, all Hull bloggers will be putting up their own posts. Goodmawe Bears are 'Hull's leading bear specialist'. Which you can't really argue with. I know of no other bear specialists around these parts and, should I ever need any specialist knowledge if, say, I'm fighting a bear or getting a bear to dance, I now know who to turn to.

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