Wednesday, October 17, 2007


A discussion about language. “Is every other word a fuck? You’ve met these people. Is every other word a fuck?”

In the male-dominated world of work, well, at least the low rent places I’ve found myself over the years, every other word is fuck. It’s what men do. Fuck this, fuck that, fuck a duck. It’s not a sign of inarticulacy, it’s not a sign of vulgarity, it’s just...well, it just is. Occasional bloodys, buggers and bastards are acceptable. In moderation. Apparently. If I’d swanned around building sites using the word bugger...well,I suspect I’d’ve been buggered by the bloody bastards.

Aye, discussions about language. They’re enough to make you want to tell censorious people to fuck off.

But...y’know...maybe I have more in common with Sarah Silverman than stunning good looks and perhaps my writing is littered with filth for the same reasons that SS’s act is littered with, well, disgraceful muck and taboos. " [it’s] not a conscious choice,” said SS in an interview with The Guardian, “When I was three, my dad taught me all these swears, y'know: bitch, bastard, damn, shit, and I would yell it at the supermarket, and he'd die laughing. And I got strong reactions, one way or another, from swearing at three. I think you get addicted to that attention."

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