Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Sh*t toys...

Well, Barbie's hardly pulled her weight in the war against gender reinforcing toys over the years, has she? Rather, she's created generation after generation of pink-wearing, Ken-lovin', material wealth accumulating, thin-legged, pouting blonde, erm, plastic women. It's hardly worth raising the energy to complain about Barbie's latest accessory/high heels/beach glam cruiser. No, the war is lost. But now, with the anger subsiding, here I am, actually liking a Barbie product - the long blonde one's canine sidekick Tanner. What's great about Tanner is that she poos. And Barbie has to pick it up. What's bad about Tanner is that she is apparently excreting brown Tic Tacs. Why no realistic animal faeces? Why do a couple of minty-shaped treats drop out of her anus? And, as if that's not freakishly disturbing enough, she's forced to eat her own droppings. I may have to clear some of my Kubricks toys out of the way to make way for one of these scatological oddities, surely destined to be the must-have toy of 2008. Regard:

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Stephen said...

Where did Barbie get that poop-picker? (If that's not what they're called already, I guess I should tradematk that.)

I can see that making a great Christmas present for the dog owner in your life.