Monday, February 04, 2008

Runnin' down a dream...

I made it to the half-time show of the Super Bowl but, sadly, Tom Petty did for me (and confused me - didn't he used to have much bigger teeth?) and I gave it up as a bad job. Only to discover, this morning, that I had averted my eyes from what was maybe, possibly, the biggest Super Bowl upset ever. It is, perhaps, a sign of my age and early adoption of this wacky American sport, that I remember the New England Patriots being complete bobbins. They're also a division rival of my beloved, perennial under-achievers since 1969 (and the other New York team) New York Jets so, rather unfathomably and underdoggerish of me, I was hoping for a Giants win. And lo, it happened. These things tend not to occur in the extremely predictable, winning is everything and nothing to be ashamed of world of US sports.

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