Sunday, March 02, 2008

Walls come tumblin'...

Here in little old 'ull, we weren't too far away from the epicentre of the earthquake that struck in the early hours of Wednesday. That was followed by some serious gales on Friday night. Both of which resulted in trees falling, chimney stacks wobbling and walls tumbling. We had to steer around the rubble from the wall in the picture to the left on Saturday morning. My, how I cursed Mother Nature before I turned the car round to go and take the piccie.

Went to see Richard Bean's "literal metaphor for the shifts and alterations of life" - Honeymoon Suite - in preview at Hull Truck, catching up with the author for a couple of drinks before dropping him off at his hotel and rounding the evening off beautifully by backing into then over a garden wall, a scene with echoes, if you squint a bit, of the photograph above. My alibi? Collapse brought about by an aftershock. Or something.

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