Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turn on, tune in, drop the roast chestnut shells...

To the lights 'turn on' on Hull's Newland Avenue. Not the best 'turn on' I've ever experienced. The roast chestnuts were bloody horrible, for one thing (or, to be precise, for 9 really overdone tasteless things). The lights were ok. We arrived too late for 'star' guests Vizage, the 'international' vocal and illusion act that shot to 'fame' on Britain's Got Talent. But I've seen 'em before, so that didn't matter. Vizage threw the switch - we turned into the street just as half the lights came on at their behest. The other half of the lights lining the thoroughfare appeared to be manually switched on, one by one, by a team of city council employees. And that's magic?

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