Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I just read on our Sainsbury's toilet roll packaging that buying said stuff "helps me care about the environment". Which it doesn't - I cared already; it was just that those two rolls came in at £1.25. We are, like the rest of Hull, on a mad recycling spree right now courtesy of Hull City Council's efforts to give us bins and waste receptacles of all shades, shapes and sizes. Which is a good thing, although I have a recurring nightmare that, when it gets to the other end, it is all put in a great big pile and burned in order to heat council chambers. You read it here first, remember that. And while I'm on recycling and the environment, I've thought for a while that there's something not quite right about blaming individuals for polluting the planet when its governments and huge corporations that businesses that are the biggest perpetrators of the crime (and even when they're being 'green' they're conning us, as nPower's light bulb fiasco has demonstrated . But blame us they do. Which is why I'm happily embracing the new green regime and would encourage others to do so. When we're all doing more than is required, those bastards will have to change their evil ways, won't they (no, they won't, they'll just blame developing nations - Cold Shower Realism Ed.)?

So, another poor blog entry. Still, it could be worse for you, dear reader, I could be Bono, and I could have presented you with a ridiculous (or, in his words, "moving") Top Ten of stuff I want to see in the next decade which "have the potential to change our world". It's the kind of nonsense that would make you shout at the shaded ignoramous, 'why don't you f*ck off and stick to making records?' if, that was, his records weren't so bleedin' awful. Read this and weep!

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