Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The boy that dislikes mumbo jumbo and doesn't believe in anything found himself sat in the company of a clairvoyant last night. Well, what's a boy supposed to do when he's at a fun fair? I came out feeling great about myself. The old Romany gal confirmed what I had already started suspecting: I've made the right choices and the future looks bright. Yes, it was vague; a long life's ahead of me, my health is good, bla, bla, bla. But she said lots of stuff that really rang true and had this bewitching voice and demeanour that totally captivated me. I have a lucky charm in my pocket that I daren't remove in case my life comes crashing down around my ears, I die, the earth stops spinning and the world ends. But at least that's all I have to worry about, cos she said everything else is tickety boo. And she wouldn't make it up, would she?

Tonight's the night. Actors will be reading my script. I feel pretty confident that what I've written will sound good and is funny. But you never really know. Better to find out if I'm barking up the right tree now, just a quarter of the way in, than when I've finished the bleedin' thing. If tomorrow's entry just reads ...sob, sob, sob... you'll know it was a disaster. But it won't be.

At last, he plays something else: Super Furry Animals - Songbook

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