Wednesday, October 06, 2004

An image of myself silhouetted against the Budapest skyline that's going in the paper has been 'lightened' in Photoshop so people can see me (the fools!). If only we could apply various filters whenever we needed to lighten the tone of real life. I could do with one for a Wednesday morning at 7.30am, when I can usually be caught putting the bins out for three neighbours. How'd that happen? Do they know who I am? (Actually, they don't - only one of the three has seen me. The one that has just has the two lines of conversation - "ooh, it's getting cold" and "here's the bin" (as opposed to that north-eastern gem, "where's tha bin?")). A scramble around the glove compartment this morning in an effort to find a copy of Grace resulted in Pearl Jam appearing on ye olde car casette for a while. Oh dear. I quickly got rid of that and replaced it with...Republica and Skunk Anansie. What's happening? Am I about to vote Conservative?

Can't get enough of: Kasabian's debut, mature Cheddar, microwavable curry and rice. Where did the tortilla chips and assorted dips go?

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