Monday, October 04, 2004

It's me dear old mum's birthday today. 72 years old. Hurrah. She's been a rock for me over the last few months so it was a reet pleasure to sit dribbling Thai Red Curry down myself by way of a celebration. Mother had managed to get through 72 years without touching Thai food, which is quite an achievement in itself. But she made up for it. Here's to the next 72 years and plenty more Siracha chilli sauce!

Rattled off the opening pages of a play at the weekend. It might be nonsense - there's no way of knowing until someone else laughs me out of the room and tells me never to darken their doorstep again with my substandard Carry On smut. Will there ever be any money in this lark? Several grand would come in very handy, right now, and keep the bailiffs at bay. And what is it with BT? "Can I pay £100 now and the rest next month?" "No," says the loon at the end of the customer service line. "If you do that we'll have to restrict your service." "But," and here's the silly 'but' on its way, "You can pay it all in a month if you like." I see. That makes sense.

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