Sunday, October 31, 2004

Oh yes, we hate shopping. So, after yesterday's Meadowhall action, what did we do for fun? That's right, we headed to York's Designer Outlet - a combination of shops designed for the pompous folk of this fine walled city. While the likes of a full store devoted to Burberry left me cold, Singapore Sam's presence on the food court was very welcome, even though we couldn't work out the baffling array of special offers. Like fools, we forgot to adjust our time pieces this morning for the old winter daylight saving time routine, which was great when it came to light because, suddenly, we had an extra hour to muck about with, just like they always tell you you do. I write this between penning some kind of lesson plan for the writers' workshops I'm leading as of next Wednesday, trying to write a new scene of my own play and wondering how many evil little, obnoxious residents of the town we live in will knock on our front door to put the willies up us this Hallowe'en night. BOO!
Aural disappointment: The Killers - Hot Fuss

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