Friday, October 15, 2004

School dinners must have improved dramatically or I'm getting to be dull company. Sam has chosen to eat at his place of learning rather than meet me. Boo hoo. We had a rather angry team brief today, which was fun. They are planning to hurl the smokers into a hut outside. Although only an occasional leisure smoker myself, I don't like such crazy fascist anti-smoking policies as, before we know it, those of us that like chomping gum, dropping flaky pastry or drinking Dr Peppers at the desk will find ourselves having to do that elsewhere too. There is also the crazy prospect for those that manage to get through a year with no sickness absence being given a day's holiday for their trouble. I had a thing or two to say about all this but, as always in these sad 'n' crazy times where employees are the least valuable cog in the machine, the feeling is that the decision has been made. Yes, feedback is welcomed but they won't act on what we say, will they? So, another Friday and a weekend of play ahead. We'll head somewhere, spend what little bit of cash we have on food, hold hands and skip around, squeezing every last drop out of every minute in an effort to keep the return of those nasty workdays at bay. The work-life balance is all wrong, I tells ya.

The truth is out there!

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