Tuesday, October 19, 2004

There are free things to be had in this game I'm involved in. The odd CD, tickets for gigs, the occasional holiday. But sometimes it goes to the wrong people. I've done this totally bollocks story about a takeaway owner who's flogging pizzas on ebay and, as I finished talking to him last week, I suggested I'd done enough to procure some free food. Having sown the seed, when our snapper went to do the pix today, she came back announcing that she had just eaten two slices of my pizza, and that my pizza was now in her car. The subtle hint that is, "bring the f**king thing up here then and let's all share it" failed to work and I have now resigned myself to the knowledge that I will not even see, never mind get to eat, any of my pizza. Still, let's move on and celebrate the joy that will be National Pizza Week (November 7-13), when, for seven days, snappers eat pizza and the rest of us just look on, gobsmacked at their selfishness. If there's any justice, there will be a serious case of food poisoning.

In other news, a colleague of mine has revealed that she has never heard of the Holocaust. Unbelievable. And a reporter too. Ain't the region's media in safe hands?

Still reading: The Complete Maus

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