Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What is it about rain that makes old disabled women lose the ability to cross the road properly? An old dear with a walking stick gaffered to her leg (yeah, I wondered why it was taped to her, but there was no time to ask as I was too preoccupied with avoiding killing her) just hopped off her bus and directly into my path on my way back from lunch. Now, if I can see an old woman with a stick gaffered to her leg, surely she can see me and my silver car with its headlights glaring? It seems not. She didn't even look up as I screeched to a stop, just carried on regardless. Daft old bat he said, in a fit of pent up ageism, adding that this was a great advert for euthenasia and/or road safety. It seems that celebrities that cash in on their fame by straying into the world of advertising (as Bill Hicks oft reminded you, go kill yourselves) are no longer just celebrity spokesmen/women. Well, not if a(nother) shite press release is to be believed. Davina McCall ain't just the new face of Garnier Nutrisse Cream, she is "the top choice to become Garnier Nutrisse’s first ever UK celebrity spokesmodel". Yes, advertising=bullshit once more. Spokesmodel? Crazy talk. A letter was published in the paper yesterday praising me. And, for once, I didn't write it. A joyous moment indeed.

Song of the day: Stone Roses - Ten Storey Love Song

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