Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I wish I could say I'd made a stand against the crass way Children in Need efforts have been blended and steamrollered into an opportunity to push the 'brand' of this darn newspaper by resolutely remaining at my desk, poker faced, as 12 people abseiled down a building that you could probably jump off unharmed. But I just forgot they were doing it and, by the time I'd realised why the office was so quiet, everyone was marching back in. Damn, now I'll have to avoid watching it on television instead.

Shopping's not what it used to be, is it? Spent lunch buying a loaf of bread and an onion before meeting my Chuckie from Rugrats-a-like associate Chris down the pub. "What type of meal will you be making with that?" he rightly mumbled between slurping on his beer in a Wetherspoons over-laden with the red-nosed brigade. I couldn't answer him, as a complex response about Mushroom Stroganoff and already having the majority of the ingredients was, I surmised from his blank, drug-induced exterior, beyond his comprehension and a trifle boring. My afternoon has been soured by M's demands that I cook this evening's dinner while she lounges about being 'ill'.

The letter of complaint about me got a good showing in the paper. I was congratulated on my way to lunch for the slaughtering I'd had at the hands of the reader who criticised my "ill-conceived piffle". "You must be really pleased," said a brain-dead advertising rep. She was, curiously for one that works in advertising, right. In other news, the Busted tickets are secured and I await delivery. Hurrah.

Why don't I listen to this more often?: Radiohead - OK Computer

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