Monday, November 29, 2004

Oh, how I hate filing copy overnight after driving for hours. Where did Sunday go? It was, apart from the driving, a good day. While Danielle and her mate were off meeting Charlie, Matt and James through a wire fence (Charlie dropped her autograph book, which seemed to make travelling to Sheffield 7 hours ahead of the gig worth it. I'd have confronted him about his inability to hold a book and would probably have sworn at the hairy-eyebrowed buffoon. Apparently, Danielle told him it was cool and he had no need to apologise. Good grief, adolescent idol worship blindness knows no bounds) me and Sam bonded in the bar of UGC, me on the lager, Sam on the Coca Cola, before heading in to admire Pixar's latest accompanied by a massive platter of nachos and jalapenos - for once, large meant large and the aftermath has left me feeling quite ill. Sam appeared to be more impressed with the film than with the gig - he's a smart boy and no amount of pyrotechnics and swish big screen video action will change that. Am wondering whether to have a fatherly chat with Danielle now. They're off to see Green Day in January, and I don't want her to be under the illusion that the audience will be wearing pink fluffy ears and waving multi-coloured light sticks a la the Busted throng. Or maybe I do! Sweet revenge for making me wait in the car park post-gig for longer than was necessary.

Music: Babyshambles - Killamangiro

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