Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Yesterday, when I was in McDonald's burger hell, I observed a member of their staff. He was of the 'unstarred' variety and, while burger detritus filled every table, he sat down with some friends who'd popped in for a chat. Seconds later, a fully-starred middle-aged woman Mcstaffer shouted at him across a crowded restaurant to clear the tables. "You'll never take a break like that again when you're on duty," she hollered as she walked away to scrutinise the other drop outs that Ronald is prone to employ. The lad, whose shirt was creased and buttoned up incorrectly, was unfazed but set about the task he had been set. But he was intent on doing a shoddy job. Moving at a snail's-pace, he started flicking food all over and sloppily threw those brown trays all over the place. It was a joy to watch. Here was a young man who wasn't afraid to announce to the world that he had a shit job, was on shit money, and that he would treat his employer with the correct level of contempt until they sacked him. He'll never make manager, of course, but I doubt he gives a shit about that. I like this boy. I feel we have a lot in common.

Hopes and dreams: That Bush is deposed, that America takes a long-hard look at itself in the aftermath of the election and addresses the reasons why it is a hated nation, that Britain severs the 'special relationship' once and for all and throws its weight behind the UN and Europe and making the world a safer place in which to work in a McJob.

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