Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The joys of working on a weekly newspaper over the festive period means that, here, it's next week already. This week finished at 11am, next week started at 11.01am. Christmas is much the same in this space-time-continuum interruption - I can't remember it at all. This week, of course, is now being referred to as last week. That'll be the week I should have done a bit more Christmas shopping, then, and should have made more effort to write those Christmas cards that I ended up carrying about for a while and then took back home. At some point today, I have to go back to this week to write both this week and next week's column. I will be looking back in one of them and looking ahead in another. Does anybody know where I can get some Class A drugs to get me through all this? Oh, apparently I'm already through it and it's 2005. I heart working in the media!

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