Friday, December 03, 2004

Never think "ooh, what will today's blog entry be?" because fate will intervene. She will make you lean into your car boot for a rummage around and let you drop your keys in there. She will laugh as you close the boot and listen as the car locks itself automatically. She will mock you as you hunt for your keys for several minutes and howl as she sees the look on your face when you realise where they are. She will flick the Vs at you as you make dozens of failed attempts to get past those tight door seals. She will make it virtually impossible for you to contact your girlfriend, who you'd hoped would bring the spare set of keys through. I am a prize fucking idiot. I thought this type of thing only happened to old ladies. Now, I notice that lots of old ladies are driving past me, as I contemplate brushing shoulders with the common people aboard public transport. What a wonderful start to the weekend.

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