Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Bank phoned me today urging me to sink further into debt - 'cept they claimed they were trying to save me money. Apparently, by borrowing another £2,500 from them I will be a lot better off and secure my place in a heaven populated by financial whizz kids and people without overdrafts. I explained I had absolutely zero assets on which to secure this latest loan. Apparently that matters not these days. What does matter, said Stacey, is loan protector insurance, which will give me peace of mind should I die or lose the necessary limbs required for earning a living from writing. Oh yes, they really know what they're talking about. That's why they agreed to keep increasing my overdraft to a level where I needed to take out a loan to pay it off...oh, I see what they're doing.

Loving: Gizmodo Middle-aged-spread easy listening: Snow Patrol - Final Straw

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