Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Guardian Unlimited readers who want to read a heartwarming tale of good luck in the face of recent disaster should head here. Please donate to the cause by visiting www.dec.org.uk Otherwise, it's just the usual blogger's self-infatuated rubbish at Killing Time.

We were in WH Smiths in York yesterday. There were lots of almost empty greetings card display stands. At the top of each one it said 'New Range. Bigger and Better Than Ever.' There were. at most, six cards to choose from. How bad must the previous range have been? Spent part of last night knocking together a synopsis for a play, the bulk of which came to me while I was painting. I emailed it to the relevant person. I got a call today from the theatre. The relevant person likes the idea.

That news was overshadowed by a telephone call that M received. Her Aunt is on her death bed. Why do I never have the words at my disposal to help people make sense of these bad moments? If I knew the answer to that, I guess I'd have the words.

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