Sunday, January 16, 2005

I feel as if I'm becoming detached from reality - we missed Celebrity Big Brother last night. Hang on...this is all getting too weird and post-modern. It's a right old fin de siecle, make no mistake.

It appears that the Voujon restaurant was justifiably awarded a local newspaper's Restaurant of the Year tag if last night's shenanigans are anything to go by. Lovely chicken jalfrezi. Mind you, place didn't appear to have the right atmosphere when we walked in - two uniformed coppers were loitering inside. They'd just nipped in for a madras though. If it's good enough for the long nan bread waving arm of the law, it's good enough for me. Meanwhile, as two coppers dribbled sauce and dropped Pilau rice on the upholstery of their Proton patrol car, several houses in the immediate vicinity were no doubt broken into. Another successful evening for Humberside Police.

Sound: Athlete - Tourist. Vision: Desperate Housewives.

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