Thursday, January 20, 2005

In the interests of being in when that rarest of commodities - a plumber - calls to fix our temperamental boiler, I have been granted permission to work from home today. So here I am, Homer Simpson-like, working in nothing more than a smock, stuffing my face with Ryvita, cheese and jalapenos and, generally, getting diverted because all the good stuff I live for surrounds me (apart from M that is, she's made the reverse move and buggered off into work). CDs, books, eDonkey, cups of tea are all distracting me but, oddly, I am being ten times as productive as I would be if I were at work. Bear that in mind, work police, the next time you're quizzing my email activity (actually, ten times my usual productivity probably isn't saying a lot). Talking of eDonkey, a bit of retro-downloading in an effort to grab the stylings of an Aussie band of yesteryear resulted in a red exclamation mark and something totally unexpected. The last thing I want nestling on my hard drive is bleedin' INXS. Same thing happened this morning - thinking I was getting a tasty acoustic version of Jeff Buckley's Last Goodbye, I've been cursed with Atomic Kitten's irksome track of the same name. I'm going legal!

Is fame beckoning? I have been booked to talk about myself ( obviously comes naturally) and my various writing activities. Filling an hour should be no problem but making it anything resembling entertaining might be a tad tricky. Ah well. I can always dig out the old Worst Seat in the House script.

Suckers?: Legal downloads Up. MP3 Fave: Jeff Buckley - Dancing in the Moonlight

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