Monday, January 10, 2005

It appears that I'm not the only one that thinks that God can take care of himself. Mary Kenny, however, perhaps a little wary of a lightning bolt, prefers the capped Himself. I checked in the blasphemous Killing Time style guide and it's definitely 'himself'. The question now is: should I get my solicitors on the case and sue Kenny for plagiarising me? Why, I was there with my cliched rubbish a good 12 hours ahead. Bless Mary Kenny. She's in something of a muddle: "choosing not to broadcast something coarse and foul-mouthed is not necessarily censorship; it may also be called exercising editorial judgment." No, that is actually censorship, Mary. But call it what you want, it's a free country. Until, that is, 45,000 get their way. And I can't be bothered with a semantic argument on my first day back at work. It's hard enough staying awake.

Sounds: Hope of the States - The Lost Riots

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