Saturday, January 01, 2005

I've been up to my elbows in paint for the last six hours, attempting to start ridding the house of it's awful colour schemes. There are far too many purples and yellows in this abode. It's like a garish apartment from The Urbz, only without Black Eyed Peas. New Year's got off to a rather peculiar start. One minute, I was having a quick pint with a friend from the Beeb, the next the Finnish sailor who had appeared to be minding his own business at the other end of the table turned up with a bottle of Moet & Chandon and three glasses and foisted himself upon us. I rather liked the chap, although there was a severe language barrier (just where was the option to learn Scandinavian languages during my secondary education?). He was planning on getting married to his girlfriend, he attempted to explain, in either 40 days, 40 weeks or 40 years. Then off he popped to the 'toilet' returning with a clutch of Black Russians. It was all very surreal and had the makings of a right rollicking session had I not been about to climb into my car and head for home for a more relaxed drinking session with the love of my life. The Hull Daily Mail lacked an essential ingredient on Friday. I had gone to the trouble of predicting what would happen in 2005 for inclusion in my alloted space. I hadn't predicted they would 'forget' to put my column into the paper. Ah well. By way of entering the same mindset, I've neglected to write any of those dull, boring lists I promised Steve's mum yesterday. Oh, go on then, I'll do a quick one...

Killing Time's Top Three Albums of 2004.

1: The Libertines - The Libertines. I'm sorry, I bang on about this band far too much. I know that there are others. I know that there is more to life than guitars. But this is a glorious bleedin' mess. I imagine that Mick Jones's method of producing just involves him saying, "oh, fuck it, just do what you like". It's a miracle that it was ever made. And boy, can you feel the tension. I can't live without hearing Can't Stand Me Now, What Katie Did and Music When The Lights Go Out at least once a week. Farewell Albion.

2: Kasabian - Kasabian. As trippy as various illegal things. Have you ever chomped on anything as tasty as Club Foot? And I'm still tapping my club feet to Processed Beats. I predict their follow-up will be shite. Or might never materialise. But, for now, they're the business.

3: The Streets - A Grand Don't Come For Free. Quick, Mike, look down the back of the telly. I can't listen to this anymore. I know all the words, I'm over familiar with the plot. It'd be like watching the Eastenders omnibus on repeat play. Yet, for a month back in May, we listened to little else.

Resolutions? They're not for me. We'll do everything we've said we'll do in 2005. And then some. HK, NZ, happiness, inner peace, love, laughter and several things on the stage are all ours for the taking. I've never felt more confident about what the future holds heading into a new year.

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