Sunday, January 09, 2005

Last 24 hours of freedom before work kicks me in the balls once more. It's been a constructive week, not just decorating, I hasten to add, but formulating some play ideas as the roller has moved up and down and left and right. I have a meeting re them tomorrow. If it goes as well as the magnolia coverage, 2005 will definitely be a great year. Managed to trundle through what was left of Dylan's Chronicles before rising from the pit this morning. In the end, the book was a bit of an anti-climax. Too many pages devoted to some strange method of singing his songs when he'd got bored of churning out the old rubbish. Still, I'll buy the next two when they eventually come out. Am trying to pave the way and clear all the books I have kicking about unread so that I can buy the new Murakami with a clear conscience. So, that's my head buried in the Compulsive Spike Milligan for the next couple of nights.

Didn't watch Jerry Springer: The Opera last night as I was too busy swearing and generally blaspheming, but have taped it for later viewing. Having not seen it, I suppose I should be joining those outraged imbeciles who claim that it mocks their faith. There's nothing quite like 40,000 complaints from people who haven't seen something to make you realise that, on the whole, people are just rather silly. At least wait until you can formulate an opinion on it before bombarding the BBC's switchboard. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing - just remember that while you're demonstrating, oh ignorant, blinkered, narrow-minded ones. God's big enough to take care of himself, methinks.

Listening: Mylo - Destroy Rock N Roll

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