Monday, January 17, 2005

Letter of resignation (draft#1)

I met more of M's vast family at the weekend in a room that appeared to be carpetted by her tiny toddler cousins. The curse of having a cyberspace presence struck when M's rather friendly uncle told me I looked familiar, before he was reminded that he'd seen me before...on my website. There's a feature going in the artsy section of the paper soon about blogs, which has made me wonder what I can actually get away with on here, as hack JB will no doubt be dropping by. I have deleted all that nasty content I had penned about her, the stuff about all these other cunts nice people I work with and, while I was at it, all derogatory comments I've made over the last few months about this fucking awful sweatshop fine place of employ, lest I go the way of Joe Gordon. Phew, I should be fine now.

Music: Interpol - Antics. Fave HTML tag: strike /strike

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