Friday, January 07, 2005

News just in: The Yorkshire coastal town of Bridlington is very cold at this time of year. No, scrap that and add another 'very'. Yet I wouldn't let my fellow travellers wuss out and eat their greasy chips inside a cafe. Oh no, it was the streets and hypothermia or nuthin'. Sadly, there were no deckchair attendants about, otherwise we'd have donned our knotted hankies and braved the North Sea. At least the parking was free.

It appears that the optimism I alluded to back on January 1 was not misplaced. Sadly, I am sworn to secrecy and can say no more. Damn, I've probably said too much already (three gunshots ring out).

Words: Bob Dylan - Chronicles. Music: Graham Coxon - Happiness in Magazines/Elliot Smith - A Basement on the Hill. Vision: Celebrity Big Brother (sorry, I can't help myself). Wondering: If the column got past the deputy editor.

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