Monday, January 31, 2005

Spoke briefly to the playwright Richard Bean (follow the Drama Queen links on the rhs). He was after some information about Hull massage parlours. For a play. He says. Royal Court audiences are in for a treat. I'd like to think that Richard thought I could get him the info because of my in-depth local knowledge and access to the archives of a regional newspaper, rather than because he thinks I'm the kind of guy that knows how much those little extras cost.

Fave guitar intro: Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God. Song 2 wish it was longer hankerings: 5678s - Woo Hoo. Boring: I No Longer Hear The Music.

Nat West phoned me five mins ago to remind me of something. They left a message so I called them back. However, Sarah couldn't remember what it was they wanted to remind me about, despite my account details being in front of her eyes (or so she told me). I asked if it could be a review of my account. She said yes, I was due for a review and when would I like it. I reminded her that I had arranged a review for tomorrow. Ok, she said, I'll just find out when that is. I told her it was 9.30. She thanked me for being correct and said goodbye in as patronising a manner as she could muster for one so oblivious to my needs. I have grown to despise banks.

We are currently attempting to find a new place in which to live. Our landlord waited until I had decorated the house before phoning me the minute I put down the paint roller to inform us that he was selling up. I have grown to despise landlords.

We have found a new place and have popped in an application, handing over a cheque for an extortionate amount of money to facilitate little more than a couple of phone calls and a stock contract being pulled out of a drawer. I have grown to despise estate agents.

Other than that, life is getting very exciting. Great things loom on the horizon. Great things that I am unable to tell you about. Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking: You have grown to despise a tease.

Back into: Ryu Murakami's Coin Locker Babies. Bustin-a-move to: The Cure - The Cure, Gang of Four - Entertainment.

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