Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Stage have sent me a luvverly invite to the 125th birthday party. Who'd have thought all those years ago that this fine publication would enjoy 125 years of continuous publishing? Certainly not me. The invite, which arrived in a big gold envelope, is a wonderful piece of work, a big chunk of velvety card. I might not be able to get there - swiftly running out of holiday windows and need to preserve some for Hong Kong - but if I could get hold of 3,000 of these invites I'd wallpaper a room with them. Happy birthday for February 4, Mr Stage, thanks for all the work you've bunged my way and one day may you send someone along to review my work, rather than send me along to review the work of others.

Behind the times audio: The Strokes - Room on Fire. Craving: iPod Shuffle

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