Thursday, February 10, 2005

Anyone that knows me also knows that I can't really ridicule the surnames of others. However, I started smiling this week when I realised I was about to interview someone called Julie (she's a botanist) Bustard. Yes, how juvenile of me. But, though I can scarcely believe it myself, that has been topped by my discovery, just five minutes ago, that the rugby league team the Bradford Bull's have a player called Joe Vagana. Really. As if a game that has a position called 'hooker' needs this. Vagana's position on the field is prop and he has his own website - the even more fantastically christened Does this man have no shame? Maybe not. As Vagana says: "A couple of the new boys, Brad Meyers and Andy Lynch, will be playing on Sunday and they have fitted in really well." Vagana also has more to say about Lynchy: "He will have to be good if he wants my starting spot!!" (His exclamation marks, not mine). I wish Joe all the best for his game on Sunday against Wakefield Trinity and hope the fans in the stands are kind to him. But Vagana has a few cautionary words, lest we all get too excited too soon..."There will be some big shocks along the way." Happy Mondays fans will be pleased to note that Rowetta, also of X-Factor fame, will be the pre-match entertainment.

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