Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Back to the flip-up seats tonight. We're off to see Nick Moran's Telstar, the Joe Meek story, which is probably the basis of a good play but I just don't fancy it at all. For starters, the play has been in development for eight years. Eight years! How? And not only has Moran spent an inordinate amount of time penning it, he's also written it 'with' someone. But, ooh, I see that Kathy Burke and Jude Law were involved in the many rehearsed readings and workshops the play has been mangled through. So what? I don't care. Then Adam Nicky Tilsey Rickitt is in the cast. Groan. And Linda bleedin' feathered bird Robson. Argggh. Well done, Moran, for writing your opus between "a number of major film, television and stage projects". And I thought I was busy. Eight years. I'm trying to keep an open mind, obviously. But it better be good. Eight years...

Annoying M with: The Kleptones - A Night at the Hip-Hopera

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