Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I feel that Jon Ronson's piece on Hunter Thompson misses the mark a bit. To write "Beneath the mad surface, and the odd flights into nuttiness, Thompson was basically a conservative, sensible, working journalist" is just plain stoopid and shows that, for all his admiration of Dr Thompson's ouevre, Ronson himself is a conservative, sensible, working journalist, a tad disbelieving of a counter culture genius that slammed into substances, truly lived on the edge and still turned out work that blew people away. Hunter's suicide was way overdue, in terms of maintaining his mythical status. He should have ended it all after Hell's Angels and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Those two works were more than enough. As Ronson shows, you can't sum up the life of a unique and complex character easily. But a conservative, sensible, working journalist? I don't think.

Snow...driving...writing...packing boxes (argh! no CDs!)...preparing for house move...attention from elderly Dan Bryan fans...save for an old war vet (as in veteran, not in the James Herriot sense) demanding back the 60,000 word life story in one sentence he sent me for possible inclusion in the paper (no chance, there was no punctuation, it was all a bit dull. Although some attached press clippings were amusing - "on one occasion [he] gained his freedom but then broke back into his prison camp" !!!!!!) nothing much is happening right now (apart from the brackets. Brackets are happening). But tonight...tonight we are going to TK Maxx... I'm convincing myself that this is the lull before the storm. Or at least before the pasta and sauce.

Finished: Ryu Murakami - In The Miso Soup. Days to house move: 4. Days to Hong Kong: 9.

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