Wednesday, February 02, 2005

It doesn't hurt to buy a book every now and then. Trundled in to Waterstones and picked up Chang-Rae Lee's A Gesture Life, paying for it on my way out just to stay on the right side of the law, although I still consider myself to be an anarchist...but you can't be too careful and I don't want to do no long stretch for half-inching fiction. Showed it to our favourite theatre director down the pub and he was impressed because it looked a bit "mucky". If only he'd reviewed it - that would have looked lovely on the cover. Having read the first few pages I'm still to find the filth. Wasted time heading to an arts event that didn't take place because the filmmakers had neglected to complete their work on time, sparing no thought for me, the only journalist in town that voluntarily goes to things for no other reason than to experience them. Meanwhile, back at the office, I called a chap to let him know I'm stepping down as a trustee of a theatre company that operates round these parts only to discover that he's resigned too. Sinking ship, perhaps? While out in town I demonstrated will power, touching but not buying The Others new CD, an Ian Curtis biography, Futurama Season 4 and a starter kit for XBox Live. I have saved myself a fortune I haven't got. Ooh, and a teller (!Americanism Warning!) in Nat West gave me a lollipop when I complained about them continually asking me when I'd last had my personal loan reviewed. I complained because I actually had it reviewed less than 24 hours previously. You'd think they'd know that.

Oh dear, Americans

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