Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Much tinkering about disassembling the malfunctioning laptop paid off last night. Despite that rare feat of putting it all back together, and then finding myself with two surplus screws, the thing came back to life. A curious burst of creativity followed. Happily back at work with a warm, testicle endangering, feeling in my lap, I penned a sketch that somebody asked me to write for a revue-style show that's taking place later this year. Earlier in the day I was strolling about electrical shops, weighing up a replacement piece of computer kit. My, there are some beautiful designer electronics out there. Yet now I have a laptop that works once again and the purchase doesn't seem so essential. Will it last? Probably not.

But we could do the same for human life. If only a quick disassemble, waggle of tiny cables and unscientific dust down would make the people we love work again. I didn't have my micro-screwdrivers when my dad died. But, blimey, if I'd had the power to just make him tick for a few hours longer. I turned up a few minutes after he'd died. And, like Mike and the Mechanics before me, there's a lot I should have said before that I never got round to blurting out. Still, when he was around my dad was a lot more reliable than a Toshiba Satellite. That's not what I said in the eulogy, I hasten to add.

RIP: Stella. I might not have met her, but I feel as if I know her.

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