Friday, February 25, 2005

A rather enjoyable radio appearance and bacon and mushroom sandwich under my belt, I'm now getting worried about driving the van tomorrow. I drive a tiny car without a clutch, ferchrissakes, light haulage frightens me. Today has been a good day. I clocked the new Hull Truck brochure and, heck, there I was, lurking in its pages. A world premiere, no-less. It's the biggest buzz I've ever had seeing my name in print (all that gets boring rather quickly - but this is quite different). I also stood, briefly, in our new house. The place feels good. Even empty and echoey and with a mound full of someone else's post piled up in the corner it felt like home...

Radio Highlight: Willy Mason covers Grandmaster Flash's The Message. Really. It was very funny.

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