Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A very successful evening at the workshops on the largest council estate in Europe. My ladies, as they have become known, have all but completed their script, give or take a bit of shuffling about and the addition of a few technical directions. We're having a reading next week and I can hardly wait. I'm very proud of them. I was also presented with some quite brilliant archive material that will assist me with my play. A loft has, from the sound of it, been overturned to track down the documents that were handed to me. Funny that this material was tucked inside a box in a roofspace but nowhere to be found in the library of a leading regional newspaper. When the history of the Hull Daily Mail is told, there will be lots of bits missing.

I was very troubled to discover, via the site stats and not by any desire to look for soap-related filth, that if you Google for 'Leslie Grantham masturbating' this blog is the third site people are directed to. I know that some folk with a web presence would w*nk over such a high ranking, but I'd rather not attract Grantham's legions of twisted, perverted fans, thank you very much. Now I've mentioned it again, I'll probably be shifting up to top spot in a couple of weeks.

Too old for all this? Good Charlotte - Chronicles of Life and Death. Youth reading: NME. Insane in the brain: NWA - Express Yourself. Funniest thing on radio: Biffy Clyro cover of Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out. Happy Birthday - Julie!

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