Monday, March 07, 2005

Can't this just carry on for ever?

Honk Kong. We're four days in and the trip is drawing perilously close to its conclusion. I still love this place. M appears to love it too. The arts festival, which is the work end of things, is pretty damn good and the interviews have all gone smoothly. The hotel is cool. But, most of all, Hong Kong simply rocks. When I was last here I'd be the first to admit that my mind wasn't really all in one piece. But doing T'ai Chi overlooking the harbour restored my faith in life, the universe and everything, this whole place, which buzzes like a bag full of bees themeslves with bees up their behinds, made me realise that life was worth living, that I was a very lucky chap, very much in love, and that there was a ton of stuff out there to do. I didn't expect to be back so quickly (thanks Jo!!!) but here we are. Together. Last time, towards the end, I looked over the skyline as I crossed the harbour on a Star Ferry and vowed to return. I did the same today. We'll be back.

These last two entries haven't really captured the essence of the trip, nor the place. I'll post something much better - and some pics - when I get back. I wouldn't be online now but, like a fool, I said I'd try and file a column from over here. Just written it, though it was bleedin' awful! As I'm way ahead of my deadline, and not just because of the time difference, so I won't send it til I've had chance to have a look at it again in the cold light of day.

It's rather disappointing knowing that I'm so close to a friend in Japan who I miss and wish I could see but that I don't have the time, nor the money, to extend my trip to pay him a call. I hope he understands.

In other news, it appears that real life is kicking in in wonderfully dramatic style again. Someone who was once close told me that I lived in a dream world. I don't think so... And here's the proof!

Tonight, we watched the Blind Boys of Alabama in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. It was quite uplifting. And moving. 'Someone's watching over me,' sang Jimmy Carter (no, not that one). I know how he feels.

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