Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Columnless, the boy glances around the room. A roomful of those rather adept at putting facts in the correct order. With all the names spelt correctly. This is, after all, an award-winning newspaper. But monkeys can type. Apparently, the odds against monkeys typing Shakespeare by chance are astronomical. With about 80 typewriter keys, the chance of getting the first letter right is about 80 to 1. The chance of getting 2 letters right is 1 in 80×80, or 6400 to 1. Each letter increases the odds against by 80 times. The odds of getting 10 letters right is about 11 million million million to 1. But they'd manage a front page no problem. Sometimes, I wish I'd just not bothered escaping the building site.

Then again...

Some actors want to 'revive' my one act play in which a supermarket manager employs prostitutes (but is it art? Paul Miller might ask). Hurrah. Like a friendly old man's well-cleansed penis, it deserves to rise again. I had a very ego-boosting telephone call from an actor. Then the call ended and I remembered where I was. Reality bites. I intend to bite the bastard back.

Welcome back Jonathan King who, apparently, gave "thumbs up gestures" on his release. Why not join Wacko Jacko's legal team, you old dog?

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