Monday, March 14, 2005

Eurgh, work sucks. But enough of all that. I have a new activity to displace me from what I should really be doing - filling up a Zen Micro I bought dirt cheap in Hong Kong (one of many frivolous purchases at bargain prices). Thus far, I've only got round to banging about 55 songs on there (actually, all that dragging and dropping is the tedious bit. Still, only 2,400 and a bit to go) but I'm loving the excuse to pour over the CD collection and download all those glaring omissions. Must remember to finish the play at some point.

Body clock is still playing up. Was wide awake at 4am this morning. I guess I can stabilise my sleeping needs at a production of Macbeth in York tomorrow evening.

The dull, boring travelogue, with pics, will probably follow later if I can work out how to post pics on this clunky old blog. Damn me and my spurning of blogspot. If the folk at crimsonblog had been a little more user friendly, there would have been at least 8,000 pics of Cantonese opera for you all to mull over. You're getting off lightly - we had to sit through hours and hours of Tong Tik-sang's 'masterpieces' (okay, I confess, we slipped out at the interval, after a mere three hours, unable to take anymore leg movements synchronised with timpani).

Shuffletastic: David Gray - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.

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