Monday, March 28, 2005

Why did I tape those interviews in HK? Headed into the early hours of BH Monday transcribing some dodgy artsy audio whilst nibbling on some mini-Cadbury's Cream Eggs and supping tiny bottles of Danish beer. It was a full-size C90 cassette, in case you're wondering.


Very, very peculiar deja-vu in Borders. I was re-living the moment when I bought GTO and was offered a free Tokypop Sneak volume and I could have sworn, from the way that he was looking at me, that the guy serving me was also having a deja-vu. We stopped short of acknowledging what we were both going through - probably because we feared that, if we did, the world would implode before I'd had time to hand over the cash for the manga.

Smoke on the Water - one of the first tunes that every budding guitarist learns. Is it inate in six string strummers? Sam, 9, had me show it to him today. He quickly mastered the riff. He has a small repertoire - the other tune is Back in Black. School of Rock has a lot to answer for.

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