Friday, April 08, 2005

90 minutes of Tai Chi last night seem to have sorted me out nicely. Or perhaps it was the three brockwursts I shovelled down before we went to class. Either way, I am now more even tempered and slow to anger. Imagine how much I'll benefit when I regularly Tai Chi my way around the living room. Or, perhaps, increase my intake of brockwursts. Both of these activities will become part of my new regime as I aim for a more tranquil state of mind, although the brockwurst habit is slightly at odds with my intention to lose weight. Still, other things can fall by the wayside. But not the lager. Please, not the lager. My mood should lift even further if the postman delivers the GTO and Tokyo Babylon I ordered from tomorrow morning.

Props to Pope John Paul II as he makes his final journey...and the comedian Richard Herring, who responded to an email request for a quote the other day within 30 seconds. JPII and RH are both good guys and I've always found the way Herring became such a major part of life for everyone the world over, despite being both Polish and a Catholic, to be an impressive achievement. At times like this, my thoughts are with Stewart Lee. Or something like that. Reading The Grauniad I note that the Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles plan to 'earnestly repent' the 'manifold sins and wickedness' of their past deeds. Funny way to put it. Which, I imagine, is what Camilla will be saying on the wedding night.

We're at an engagement party tonight which, apart from my designated driver status, should be good fun. It will be riddled with actor types, or I'm assuming it will be, as it's a do at which a pair of actors will be expressing their commitment to listening to each other's Shakespearean monologues. In the card, which I must remember to buy, I shall write something hilarious, such as "Your life together is not a rehearsal...oh yes it is".

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