Monday, April 04, 2005

It wasn't so much redrafting a play as ripping it apart. But, there you have it, Act I draft II is in the bag, give or take a few further adjustments.
I celebrated by eating a Tesco pineapple and ham pizza, which was thoroughly disgusting, before, along with M, getting irate at the Top 50 Comedy Sketches on C4. I know these things are designed to force debate but Lou and Andy in at number one? And Bo Selecta in the top 50? I am finding Ian Hislop increasingly annoying with each television appearance. The only pleasant surprise was that Jimmy Carr was, for once, not presenting (it was down to the smooth voice of Tom Baker to hold the mess of badly snipped clips together. The only sketch to be shown in its entirety was Lou and Andy).
Meanwhile, my body seems to be expiring. Every joint aches, my neck feels as if it were up against Philip Olivier in The Games and the pain is just getting constant. Mother is badly arthritic and I feel that I may be heading the same way - my fingers have been locking up for well over a decade but the rest of me seems to be catching up now. Would swallowing several gallons of cod liver oil do the trick? Losing around four stone would definitely help, methinks. If only I weren't such a lazy bastard.

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