Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Now settled in to our new market town abode, we signed up to the local video boutique last night. But what's this? A friendly establishment that aims to please? "I notice you've got a couple of world cinema choices there," said the 14-year-old Tarantinowannabe behind the counter. "We're hoping to expand our choice in that section so, if you'd like to tell us what you want, we'll get it in for you." I responded like a true cinephile. "Erm...ok...erm...can't think of anything right now...but...I will....can I bring a list in?" "We'd be happy for you to bring a list in." There was an audible gulp from me. I do that when I feel small and inferior and am holding two bags of peanut M&Ms (£2.50 for two) in the hand that doesn't contain my sparkly new membership card. There was some good music playing. I asked what it was. "It's his," said Tarantinowannabe, nodding to his almost identical co-star, who shot me a look and announced, "Jack Johnson". Was this his name? I daren't ask, I had already made too much of a fool of myself. But, of course, it wasn't his name at all, as much internetery later led me to the truth. I eventually opted to download the Oahu, Hawaii-born funky songwriter's back catalogue. All hail this video store, it's great.

CDness: Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams. DVDness: Coffee & Cigarettes Back into: Ed Sikov - Mr Strangelove.

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