Thursday, April 28, 2005

Some comedy (in the loosest Leigh Francis sense of the word) sketches and some old material of mine are being performed on Friday night - part of a party and big send-off for a lecturer who's leaving a learning establishment. It's due to take place in a rather swish new theatre at the college. That said, I spoke to the guy that's organised all this and asked me to pen some stuff and apparently OFSTED are in this week, a move that has seen two performing arts tutors go into hiding. So, with inspectors prowling and keen to see stuff being done right, it might all end up being performed covertly in a broom cupboard or store room, which could make it a more interesting experience than it might otherwise have been. But the show must go on.
A few hours were spent jamming up the Zen Micro in the wait for The Apprentice last night. Yet, despite hundreds of new songs to shuffle through, still the damn thing favours Bloc Party. Why oh why oh why oh why? On the 13 track journey in this morning eight of the songs chosen were regularly heard tunes. It's enough to drive a man to an iPod.

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