Friday, April 22, 2005

Stupidity reigns at Killing Time this morning. With election fever gripping the nation - or at least the press offices of all the leading political parties - I thought it best to check that we were registered to vote. Our migratory nature has led to several house moves over the last two years and we certainly weren't registered at our present abode. Nor, it transpired, anywhere else. D'oh. I contacted a nice chap at About My Vote for advice. He told me we'd left it too late to take part in the upcoming general election (we should have registered by March 11) but could get on board for future democratic happenings. This leaves us in the position of being absolved of any responsibility over who is left running the country when we all wake up on May 6. But boy do I feel stupid. Excuse me for being so wrapped up in my life to have thought to get myself in a position where I could exert the democratic rights that those before me fought for. Yes, I'm disenfranchised and (used to, when I'd registered) suffer from voter apathy - but that's a poor excuse. I'd like to apologise to anyone that cares. What must Pericles be thinking of me? And the Pankhurst girls? And Stephen Newton? I'd have voted Lib-Dem so I guess it would've been a waste of time anyway. Is it too late to vote for the new Pope, does anyone know?

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