Friday, May 13, 2005

Charidee quiz night last night (four minds proving how collectively lacking they can be for a good cause) down a cosy village pub, rugby league with an actor this eve, and, in between, ensuring that a colleague exits the building to forge a new career for herself. Mind is already in weekend mode and struggling to concentrate on anything work-related. And boy do I need this weekend. Perhaps I've been bouncing and flouncing too much on M's new trampette, or maybe it's Friday 13 fatigue, but I feel utterly shattered, both mentally and physically. Doing nothing much at all looks the preferred option. On the pre-play holiday front - and if I write it here it might stand more chance of happening - M's found us a bargain break in Tokyo that really appeals. Post-play we're off to Castletownshend in County Cork, Ireland - a family outing-cum-escapade that might force relaxation upon us as there doesn't appear to be anything there. When you read that "a unique feature of Castletownshend is the two sycamore trees growing in the roundabout in the centre of the village" you know you're in trouble! H is bringing a bat and ball, which might liven things up in between us all getting morose, suicidal and sick to death of Guinness.

Loving: Tom McRae - All Maps Welcome

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