Thursday, May 12, 2005

Picked up youngest son and dined al fresco round at mother's today. Mothers are strange creatures. Every conversation was steered back round to some disease or other. This is quite an accomplishment when one minute you're talking to a nine-year-old about skateboarding and the next...well, mothers will be mothers I suppose. Sam and myself did a spot of Tai Chi out in the open, which was mildly amusing. After the school drop-off I headed to Nat West, where I witnessed what can only be described at best as discrimination. A couple of chaps were attempting to open a bank account, to be met by a succession of 'no!'s from the manager, who insisted that there was some funny business going on. When they exited, another member of staff who must be on secondment to these parts said: "Do you get many overseas gentlemen in?" To which manager-type responded: "It's been weeks since I've opened a bank account for a British person." There followed a rant about "these people" needing the correct paperwork. I was, to say the least, gob-smacked and, although I felt the need to challenge this nonsense, was totally unable to believe what I was hearing and rendered quite speechless. Stood outside the bank for a while contemplating going back in and having a word but, in the end, just skulked back to the car. Like all woolly-minded liberals I will write a letter of complaint and forget to send it. For those reading this beyond the city of Hull, I should point out that round these mono-cultural parts no day passes by without overhearing at least one negative conversation about 'asylum seekers'.

Tune: Rolling Stones - Torn & Frayed

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