Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Play reading went well. Director happy, actors happy. Pre-workshop Lebanese food went down well. Workshops went well. It all went well. Things are going well, well, well. Apart from the central heating which has developed a mind of its own. I fear that its freshly developed intelligence is attempting to keep me grounded. You can't run away with thoughts that your new play is the business and that you're the saviour of theatre when you have to wash in cold water. It's an attention seeking bastard, that's for sure. I caressed several buttons and switches this morning and, lo and behold, after several spluttering noises and dozens of attempts to ignite, it sprang back into life. I imagine it's got its own blog somewhere. It's probably written a play, too.

Tonight: The final of The Apprentice! Song: The Newland Youth Centre's version of Oh Happy Day, an incredibly moving, humbling experience.

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